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With offices and experienced teams in several strategic cities as well as business relationships all around the world, Affshub empowers Advertisers and Publishers to effectively develop their business worldwide.

We provide them with all the needed capabilities, resources and tools to evolve, and this, by collaborating with one single and effective self-serve platform focused on performance.

A Perfect Tools
to monetization

Thanks to our experienced team with a strong background in technology and Affiliate Marketing. In addition to our proprietary platform, we are proud to propose a Smart Tools and unique advanced features to our carefully selected members.

Strong core values

Specialized in media buying and audience monetization since 2007, Flex Multimedia is the reputable Swiss Group behind Affshub. More than just an another simple player on the market, Affshub mission is to raise the average performance, increase quality and propose a new standard of Affiliate Network by cherishing strong values such as:


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Affshub, the future standard of Affiliate Marketing

We choose quality to achieve excellence

Concerned about all forbidden practices the affiliate marketing industry is facing these days, Affshub is adopting a responsible behaviour in each step and services provided. This starts with a thorough selection process of all Advertisers and Publishers applications. We work only direct with offer owners and Publishers and this is an essential prerequisite for keeping a network of top-notch quality.

We breathe innovation

As an engaged CPA Network, we are committed to staying a trusted, innovative and intuitive all-in-one Marketplace. This is made possible thanks to our 10+ years experience in affiliate marketing, our proprietary technology "SmartFlex" as well as the unique advanced features and Smart Tools developed internally.

We believe in Affiliate Marketing

Affshub is convinced of a new Performance Marketing age with a culture of excellence and focused on long-term commitment. We are more than just another Affiliate Program, but an exclusive network where honest Affiliates meet honest offers owners. And together, we are shaping the bright future of Affiliate Marketing.

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